Mango Flower Cake


Mango Flower Cake

Spongy, aromatic and moist Mango Flower Cake with butter cream frosting and fresh mango topping. This fluffy cake with eggless moist vanilla cake base base and buttercream filling is perfect for parties and occasions.

It is soft and delicious and can be made using vanilla cake or chocolate cake or caramel cake base.


  1. Eggless Moist Vanilla Cake – ½ recipe (½ quantity of the given recipe)
  2. Vanilla Buttercream Frosting  – 1 recipe (full quantity as in the recipe)
  3. Sugar Syrup  – ½ recipe (½ quantity of the given recipe)
  4. Apricot Glaze  – ½ recipe (½ quantity of the given recipe)
  5. Mangoes – 1 to 2 medium mangos for garnish


  1. Base Recipes : Prepare Eggless Moist Vanilla Cake , Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, Sugar Syrup, Apricot Glaze as per the recipe directions on each. This ½ quantity Mango Flower Cake was made in 6” pan. For layered cake, fill inside the cake with buttercream and mango chunks (optional). It can also be decorated with out layering and filling.
  2. Assemble Cake :  Wait until the cake has cooled, at least one hour, before cutting and leveling. It is always better to level the cake for a more professional look. Levelling can be done using a serrated knife. For layered cake, split the cake into layers using a serrated knife or cake leveler or dental floss. Set the cake onto the cake board or turn table.  Brush first layer with sugar syrup for extra moistness and prolonged freshness. Spread buttercream to cover the top of the first cake layer with ¼” thickness. Let this set for a few minutes until firm, now place the second layer on top. Brush this layer with sugar syrup. To add the crumb coat, use an offset spatula and spread a thick layer of room temperature buttercream frosting to completely cover the top and sides of your cake. Use a serrated scraper to make wavy pattern around the side of the cake. Make buttercream pattern around top outer edges using icing piping nozzle. It is completely optional and any tip or design can be used for this.  Here, Wilton #1M open star tip was used to pipe shell borders.
  3. Mango Topping :  Peel Mangoes, make two large slices as close to the pit on either sides. Remove the ends (about an inch) and then slice the mango into very thin pieces. We need the slices to be very thin to bend or curl them easily. Keep this aside. Take a mango piece and place it on a flat surface near the outer edge on top of the cake.  This becomes the starting outer flower layer of the rose. Mango slices are arranged on top starting with the outer layer and then fanning it inwards to the center to mimic flower petals.  Arrange mango slices one after the other, overlapping slightly. When you get closer to the center of mango flower design, make sure that the thinner and the nicer cut slices are going to the center. The mango slices needs to be more flexible to twist it to keep in the middle of the flower. Use the smaller pieces for the center and the larger pieces as you work outward.
  4. Glazing : Once the mango flower pattern is done, gently dab the apricot glaze all over the fruit using the brush.
  5. Transfer cake to a serving plate or cake board. Serve immediately or refrigerate, covered with a cake dome, for up to 2 days.


  • CRUMB COAT : The crumb coat is a rough layer of frosting that is used to seal in the crumbs so that the frosting can be smoothed easily. To add the crumb coat, use an offset spatula and spread a thin or thick (according to the design) layer of room temperature frosting to the top and sides of the cake.
  • USING SPATULA : While spreading the frosting over the cake, move the spatula in the same direction (rather than back and forth) so that any loose crumbs are tucked under the frosting rather than brought to the surface. Keep your spatula from ever touching the cake to minimize the chance of crumbs getting stuck to it and appearing at the surface of your frosting. Place the crumb-coated cake in the fridge for at least thirty minutes before adding additional layers of frosting. These frosting and decorating tips were found here.



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